The first ever Big Brother marriage in the house

Mwisho Mwampamba (Tanzania) has confirmed to Big Brother that he wants to marry Namibian housemate Meryl Shikwambane on Saturday.

During Mwisho’s diary session Big Brother asked him how serious he was about his plans and he said: “I’m serious in life and it wouldn’t be surprising to me and it wouldn’t be a surprise to my family and my friends.”

Big Brother wanted to know who Mwisho’s best man would be and he said it would be Uti Nwachukwu (Nigeria).

Meryl clarified to Big Brother that she and Mwisho would like an engagement party tomorrow as a wedding would not be right without family and friends. Big Brother did as Meryl asked and the engagement party has duly been scheduled for Saturday.

The two lovebirds seem to be serious about their engagement as Meryl said they had plans to meet each other’s families once they leave the house.

“Once that is done, we will decide whether we live in Namibia or Tanzania. A lot of people need to be involved in this, including the children,” said Meryl. Mwisho and Meryl have young daughters from past relationships.

Uti and Zimbabwe’s representative Munyaradzi Chidzonga thought the marriage was just a joke which would end when the two lovebirds left the Big Brother house. He also thought they were doing it for the votes.

Africa could be seeing the first wedding in the Big Brother Africa House Saturday as Big Brother has already done the groundwork for the function.

The Barnmates were shocked when they saw Meryl and Mwisho – now nicknamed Merylisho – talking about their engagement party. Jen (Mozambique) thought it was sweet, as long as they were real to each other. Paloma (Zambia) however insisted they were doing it for television.

Sheila Kwamboka (Kenya) who had a mini-secret relationship with Meryl, said the only way to prove whether Meryl genuinely liked Mwisho was to bring Kwaku to the barn as Meryl’s guest, if Meryl was to be evicted.