The Late Nkomo Was A Weak Leader- Nkala

In an exclusive interview with the Radio Voice of the People, Nkala, said before leaving ZAPU and forming Zanu (PF) in his house as the then Treasurer General of the party, they consulted the late VP Nkomo on several occasions but he did not favour the idea of confronting the whites.

“l as Nkala thought Dr Nkomo was a weak leader and when we wanted to depart from rally politics and look for weapons and send youths for training to China and other countries, our leader was reluctant. He was not militant enough for us the young generation.

“We wanted a militant leader who focused on the struggle. Someone who would fight and not negotiate with Smith….This caused a kind of disaffection we felt disaffected by Joshua. l was one of those who agitated for a break away from Zapu to dispose of Dr Joshua and look for a new leader. It was painful and it was not easy for a leader to step down when asked to do so. It is the reason why we decided to from Zanu (PF),” said Nkala.

“We spoke to him (the late Joshua Nkomo) on several occasions but he did not act. It is the reason why as youths we went to my house in High-field to form Zanu (PF) because we were fed up with Zapu politics of dilly darling. We put Tekere as SG (secretary general) and, Ndabaningi Sithole as the President…”

Nkala claims that the formation of Zanu (PF) did not go down well with the Ndebele people as well as the fact that he criticised the late Nkomo openly.

“My break away from Zapu and criticising Dr Nkomo openly earned me what people call me today but l don’t regret what l did for this is what make me Nkala. The good thing is that l meet with ex-Zapu members and Zipra forces, we are still good friends. When you are in the struggle there is no need to be loved by anyone for it is impossible to please every person you work with,” said Nkala.

Nkala is now a retired politician although he is not in good health due to age. He has since left for South Africa for a medical check-up and is expected back in the country end of July.