The Late ZBC Journalist Freedom Moyo was Zanu (PF)

Speaking during a funeral service for the veteran journalist in Esigodini Thursday, Zanu (PF) Matabeleland South provincial chairman, Andrew Langa, told mourners that Moyo had been a consistent member of the former ruling party, which he likened to the only car that can take people to their destinations.

“If you did not know, this man was in our car (Zanu PF). He was in our car and we are proud of him,” he said to the shock of the gathering.

“He was in our true car (Zanu PF) which stands for truth of defending sovereignty and history of Zimbabwe,” he added.

Langa revealed that Moyo whom he said had been in Zanu (PF) for quite long never crossed the floor to join other political parties, something that attracted the party’s Matabeleland leadership to his funeral.

He said: “Freedom has left us today still in the same car he started with. As Zanu (PF) we thank him for that. There is only one car that you can board. That car is a product of two cars previously driven only by the late Dr Joshua Nkomo and President Mugabe. Now there is only one car called Zanu (PF). That is the only car that you can board.”

“Today, here is Freedom Moyo our leaders, we bury him with dignity with great respect because he remained in the car he knew, the car which was started at his own native land, the party led by President Robert Mugabe,” he further explained.

Speaking at same occasion, Matabeleland South Provincial Governor, Angeline Masuku and Zanu (PF) member of Parliament for Umguza Constituency, Obert Mpofu, described Moyo as a true Zimbabwean and broadcaster par-excellence.

Freedom died this week at 37 a Harare hospital after succumbing to injuries sustained in car accident and his funeral attracted journalists from across media houses and Zanu (PF) politicians from Matabeleland region.