The Mail Newspaper Hits The Harare Streets

The others are The Herald in Harare and The Chronicle in Bulawayo from the Zimbabwe Newspapers (1980) Limited Group, Newsday from Alpha Media Holdings (Private) Limited owned by mogul, Trevor Ncube, and The Daily News from the Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe (Private) Limited (ANZ).
The Daily News was relaunched late this month after it had been removed from the streets of Zimbabwe because its bosses failed to apply for an operating licence on time.
The Mail is understood to be edited by Barnabus Thondhlana, who was surprisingly at The Daily News as Deputy Editor under John Gambanga currently Managing Editor.
However, Thondlana had been removed from NewsDay even before it was launched.
The journalist, had also been “demoted” at The Daily News on Sunday and placed under veteran journalist, Bill Saidi before it was also removed from the streets with its siter newspaper, The Daily News.
It could not be established whether, in fact, Thondlana had resigned from his new job at the relaunched The Daily News newspaper under Gambanga.
The Mail has a tabloid format, following in the footsteps of the South African version.
The paper costs US$1 like The Herald and The Chronicle while Newsday costs only US$0.50 or South African 5 Rands.
The owner of The Mail was said to be a tycoon known simply as “Herbert” who lived in South Africa.
NewsDay is edited by Brian Mangwende who also worked for The daily News under Editor Geoffrey Nyarota.