The World Shamefully Tolerates White Terrorism

By Matome Letsaolo

The barbaric killing of nine black members of a church in Charleston, South Carolina in the United States, by a young white male comes as a shock but no surprise honestly.

Atrocities of African Americans in the USA go back centuries during the brutal and genocidal Atlantic slave trade. Captured black slaves were used as cheap instruments for generating high capital and establishing the economy of the freshly annexed land of North America by psychotic Western European aristocrats.

These same demented spirits, like George Washington and his other masonic compatriots, are always portrayed in history books as ‘explorers’ and ‘civilisers’, whose figures often get chiselled in fine stone with engraved plaques at city squares.

We recently had a one minute farce when black students at the University Of Cape Town demanded for the removal of the statue of prominent Southern African colonist Cecil John Rhodes, which statue had apparently been occupying a very central and grand position on the campus.

Despite the fact that Cecil John Rhodes and many other wanderers like him were responsible for what the UN would today term as ‘war crimes’ and/or ‘crimes against humanity’, there are many in the civil or liberal white community who would fiercely defend the legacies of such men.

The disturbing factor about defending the barbaric act of colonialism as civilisation is the subsequent implication that the one who was ‘civilised’ was perhaps less than human – a savage of some sort. This will go to the extent of justifying the enslavement which often follows the violent annexation of land and resources.

The young white man who allegedly opened fire on a praying black congregation did by no means act in isolation from the prevailing status quo which governs the white controlled western world. Whites are seen as custodians of civilisation but only as recently as the 1960’s we witnessed ‘official’ white governments terrorising black people both in America and here in Africa.

How can the white world maintain this global moral high ground when the world over is under a constant pestilence of imposed white aggression? How can we call this glorified and overrated nation progressive when recorded history suggests the very primitive opposite?

The world must sooner or later come to an acknowledgement that certain parts of white culture create a serious problem and a direct threat to humanity, quite frankly. From violent colonialism, to devastating (nuclear) world wars and now covetous economic imperialism, clearly there is something wrong with European culture, but the world doesn’t ever address this.

Black people rather, are the ones always portrayed by the western media as savages who need to be under constant police surveillance for the safety of the upright white families. Black people are the ones seen as needing psychiatric evaluation in this western world of ours.

We have heard how ferocious our white neighbours reacted when the ANC government recently disregarded a court order to have Sudanese president Al Bashir arrested during an AU summit in South Africa. If only whites were as fanatical about human rights during apartheid as they are now, apartheid would not have survived one day.

The voices which seek to maintain this bogus white self-righteousness will be quick to label the Charleston massacre a ‘hate crime’ or the perpetrator ‘mentally ill’ (but which murderer isn’t?). They will decry this as not being about race, but plain crime, as if there is absolutely no need for concern or alarm.

In this sickening world of ours, autocrats like George W Bush, Tony Blair, Queen Elizabeth, Cecil John Rhodes and Benjamin Franklin are portrayed as historical icons, regardless of the trail of blood and human skulls which follow their global escapades, amid the cheering and oblivious liberals.

The apparent reason why the alleged Charleston shooter Dylann Roof (21) killed the unarmed people in cold blood is the fear that blacks were taking over the world. This pretty much sounds like the reason why Polish national Janusz Walus gunned down SACP leader Chris Hani in 1993 – because he feared ‘a communist takeover’.

The insinuation of this rubbish and retarded mind-set is that black children must live in fear of leadership or excellence, so not to step on the twisted conceit of a distressed white society. That cannot be acceptable.

A terrorist and racist organisation well known to target hatred at blacks openly exists in the form of the Ku Klux Klan in the United States, in as much as we have its South African derivative in the form of the AWB/ Boeremag – and these are not much frowned upon by the fervent quasi-activist white community.

Statistics have shown time and again that although blacks are a severe minority in the United States, they are much more likely to be arrested (or even killed) by police as compared to the overwhelming white majority. Black people are much more likely to be stopped and harassed by police than their white companions.

Despite the documented history that clearly shows that psychotic and inhuman deeds were made by WHITES against BLACKS, there is a predominant notion that whites are generally ethical and ‘civilised’, while blacks are the common suspects and the degenerates.

We may read by chance through questionable sources that an African leader has committed such crimes and so forth, but with white leaders, we get to see them commit these crimes in front of live cameras, yet they will never be fortunate enough to be acknowledged and consequently indicted by the impartial International Criminal Court.

The corruption and perversion at which influential globalist structures like the UN, its Security Council, the World Bank, ICC and others are ran is so staggering that it could at any moment violently collapse on the whole world with disastrous effects, but the men behind such are not labelled terrorists, because they are white.