There Will Be No Compromise With Mugabe – Tsvangirai

Tsvangirai was speaking at the MDC party’s headquarters in the capital Harare to brief the civil society and diplomats on his statement last week in which he said he rejected the unilateral senior government appointments by Mugabe.

“The unconstitutional, illegal and dishonourable actions of Mr Mugabe have meant that the MDC is being asked to compromise on its core values and principles to appease Zanu (PF)’s lust for power,” Tsvangirai said. “This we cannot do and will never do.”

Tsvangirai reiterated that a report by retired South African Army Generals which was written in 2008 after the deadly violence that killed over 200 of his supporters must be made public. He said some of the perpetrators of violence were still roaming free in the country.

“Every act of intimidation or violence by state or Zanu (PF) actors is a clear breach of the constitution. We urge South Africa to release the report of the retired Army Generals who investigated state sponsored violence and its implications on the electoral process and results in 2008,”Tsvangirai said.

“We are aware that the same perpetrators cited in the report continue to roam freely and causing mayhem in the villages in the current constitutional making process.”