They Want To Kill Our Supporters: MDC-T

Police accuse the MDC-T for invading their offices whenever their activists are arrested.

 “We have observed a worrisome trend amongst MDC activists that whenever we arrest any MDC member/s for committing crimes, they mobilise themselves and invade police stations harassing and threatening officers, thereby disturbing and compromising security and smooth running of the station.

Should such conduct manifest itself again we will invoke the necessary standing orders as they relate to security of police establishments and we will use necessary force to ensure compliance, besides invoking the applicable laws, “the police said in a statement it inserted in the state controlled Sunday newspaper.

The police said MDC activists invaded Rhodesville and Matapi police stations last month in search of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s senior aid Jameson Timba who was arrested.

“It is unfortunate that the behaviour of invading police stations is synonymous with the MDC.Thruogh admission in media reports the MDC have invaded Rhodesville and Matapi police stations in the latest arrest of Mr Jameson Timba. It is invasion like these that will not be tolerated  in future and may everyone please take heed, “the police added.

Contacted for comment MDC-T spokesperson Daglous Mwonzora said “The police want to use this as an excuse to maim and kill our supporters. There were no such invasions and it’s untrue for the police to say that. When Minister Timba was arrested our members visited a number of police stations trying to locate him since thepolice did not want to tell us which police station they had put him.

Our members wanted to give Minister Timba some food and warm clothing in the process”.

MDC has been complaining about the selective application of law in the country, especially the continued arrest of its members. The police recently declared war against MDC when it accused the party supporters of killing one of officers in Glenview.