They Want To Rule By Spilling Blood: Dabengwa

Addressing more than 10 000 Zapu supporters during the party’s 50th anniversary celebrations at Babourfields in Bulawayo, Dabengwa said his party does not have blood in its hands and will never associate with those who want to rule the country by spilling blood.

“There are killers who want to rule this country by spilling blood. In 2008 during the presidential elections they embarked on an operation “Long and Short sleeve” in some parts of the country, where people we having their hands cut off. They were killing people in order to stay in power like what they did during Gukurahundi”.

“That is when we decided to pull out of the Unity Accord because we don’t want to be associated with shedding blood,” said Dabengwa who is a former Home Affairs Minister.

Dabengwa said those former Zapu cadres who remained in Zanu-PF should stop lying to Zimbabweans that late Vice President and Zapu leader Joshua Nkomo told them to remain there.

“There are some people who are still in Zanu-PF who are going around lying using Nkomo’s name. They are lying that Nkomo told them to stay united with Zanu even when people are being killed and Zapu members being neglected,” he said.

The former senior Zapu members who are still in Zanu-PF include Vice President John Nkomo, Simon Khaya-Moyo, and Cain Mathema, Sikhanyiso Ndlovu, Deputy Senate President Naison Ndlovu and others.

The former Home Affairs minister also said in true Zapu spirit, the 50th jubilee celebrations demonstrate the freedom espoused in the Zapu blood where all Zimbabweans and all people of the world are cherishing and share the vision of freedom for all have come together as one.

Delegates from former liberation movements in the SADC region among them, the Africa National Congress (ANC), SWAPO, MPLA and FRELIMO were present at the celebrations.