Thousands Of Dollars Splashed On Mugabe's Birthday Celebration Adverts

Both public and private companies placed congratulatory messages with some companies paying for full page advertisements.

Annually Mugabe holds Soviet Style festivities organised by the 21st February Movement to celebrate his birthday.

Some critics said the amounts used to pay for these advertisements could have been channelled towards feeding thousands of hungry Zimbabweans.

A special dedication birthday song done by the Born Free Crew, played every 30 minutes on national radio. The Born Free Crew is not previously known for any music composition but came to prominence for Mugabe praise songs.

Most of the adverts wished Mugabe, who recently came back from Singapore for a medical review, “many more health” years.

“We pray that the Lord Almighty continues to grant you courage, wisdom and strength to propel our beloved nation Zimbabwe to greater heights,” read the advert placed by the Ministry of Defence. “We wish His Excellency many more years of good health,” added another from the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) said: “The Authority wishes him many more years filled with good health and happiness.”

The Institute of Professional Financial Managers in Southern Africa described Mugabe as the “Conscience of Africa” whom God should richly bless you with good health and many days on earth.”

The Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) added: “We wish you many more happy and healthy years to come.”