Thousands Of Zimbabweans Mourn Mujuru

Mourners thronged a shine in western Harare on Saturday and swarmed over adjoining hillsides for the burial of Gen. Solomon Mujuru, a retired military chief who gave vital political support to his wife, the vice president.
Mugabe said Mujuru died Tuesday in an “inexplicable, horrendous fire accident.”
Police and forensic investigators are investigating the fire’s cause, amid questions of possible arson.
Mujuru’s is the biggest state funeral since independence in 1980, symbolizing his influence and popularity. His gravestone says he was 66, older than the age given by biographers.

Joice Mujuru wife of the late army general appealed to mourners earlier this week to remain calm amid allegations of foul play.
“I appeal to you to avoid too much history, and talking bad things and listen to good things. We agreed with Solomon every time that even if we hear anything coming from anywhere, we won’t comment whether it’s a lie or not. Only one person (God) will comment, good or bad” said Mujuru.

Earlier in the week leaders across political parties buried their differences as they mourned General Mujuru among them leader of the mainstream Movement for Democratic Change -Morgan Tsvangirai and Dumiso Dabengwa leader of ZAPU.Radio VOP and Tribune Star