Three Zimbabwe Women Rape Soldier At Gunpoint

The soldier (name supplied), based at 5, 3 Infantry Battalion in the Midlands Capital, had been offered a lift by four women driving a red kombi.

Provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Tinaye Matake said the incident happened at the 15 km peg outside Masvingo town, along the
Harare highway.

Inspector Matake said the soldier boarded the kombi at around 0200hrs, which had four women inside at Croco Motors garage. After traveling
for 15 kms, one of the women pulled out a pistol and forced the soldier to drink an unspecified liquid, believed to be a concoction to increase virility.

They then demanded him to have sexual intercourse with them one by one, before dumping him at the place.

Inspector Matake said the solider was found in the morning and a medical report revealed that he sustained lacerations and injuries on his genitals.

“We are still investigating the case, but we think the matter is linked to some ritual purposes,” Insp Matake said.

He warned members of the public, male or female, to opt for public transport than to get into suspicious cars.