Thumbs up for Hurungwe Community Radio initiative

By Nhau Mangirazi

HURUNGWE– Hurungwe Community Radio initiative is getting support from various stakeholders including traditional leaders, parliamentarians, artists, church leaders and general populace.

Among those first to render support was Chief Adam Katsvere Chanetsa who said he is in full support of the move to establish a home grown radio station that will preserve Kore-Kore culture.

Isu seMadzishe ekuHurungwe teda kutambira mwana mutsva auya munharaunda medu. Tenzva manyukunyuku kuti vana vedu vafunga kuitawo zveitwa nevamwe kure uko. Hakuna kana Ishe mubodzi angarambe hurongwa hwakanaka kudayi hunebatsira kuchengetedza tsika nemagariro edu.  (As traditional leaders we welcome this move as it was long overdue to preserve Kore Kore culture. I am assured that all Chiefs will give their support so that this dream come a reality)’ said Chief Chanetsa.

Hurungwe North Member of Parliament Ability Gandawa said it was a positive and noble idea to have a local radio station.

‘Hurungwe Community Radio initiative is a good and noble idea. We applaud as it will put Hurungwe on the map through our local radio station that every development concerned citizen will support come what may,’ he said in an interview.

Another MP, Goodlucky Kwaramba (Hurungwe Proportional Representative) added her voice that the community radio station’s drive to prop up Kore Kore culture is welcome.

She said she is happy for a local community radio that will report local news with a bias towards development.

Kwaramba said, ‘Isu semadzimai teda kurukurudza hedu na abiyedu kana mave kutepfunyura meaning we are happy that you will host us as Kore Kore women for discussion about issues that affect girls and women,

Renowned jazz musician Eunice Kapandura who hails from Hurungwe also said the radio initiative was long overdue.

‘Hurungwe Community Radio will also help is talent search for some musicians who looked down upon in remote areas. We look forward to see them broadcasting community based stories and highlight talented young musicians from the district. Eheka ndekugona Abiyangu meaning that’s too good my friend,’ added Kapandura.

Another South African based musician from Mahwada in Hurungwe said the radio initiative will bring local news to those living abroad.

‘While social media has taken over we still believe radio remains one of credible source of news and we look forward to hear local stories as they happen. We are in full support of the community based radio,’’ he added.

Bindura based long distance runner and athlete medalist Caleb Ngorezha said he welcomed the radio station.

‘I am not the only one who has excelled in sports but hardly covered by mainstream media. The radio station will inspire others if they know that locally we have talented sportspersons,’ said Ngorezha.

Reverend Gift Mudekwa said churches have been working for the betterment of Hurungwe.

‘Generally, churches will support this move as it will prop up the marginalized district,’ said Mudekwa.

Several people are in support of the radio station that was launched early this month with its thrust anchored at preserving and safeguarding Kore-Kore tradition, cultural values and using radio as a living medium.

The nine member team has board chairperson Joel Zilala who said they will be reporting local news affecting the communities within Hurungwe.

Zilala said, ‘‘We will strive to be identified as Kore-Kore people and help others understand our culture. We have tried to reach out each of us who is committed in our thrust for a community radio. We have the same vision that we hope will help our community be recognized of its potential,’

Hurungwe is one of the country largest districts that is productive in farming, mining, eco-tourism among other sectors but has no media house.

Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) is set to award both community and commercial licenses soon.