Timbaland Disappoints Fans

In the euphoria of seeing these stars on stage it is also true that Zimbabweans only had to see Timbaland on a video link apologising for not being there. It attracted boos and dampened an otherwise good show.

Timbaland was billed to perform alongside top American musicians including Ciara, Li’l Kim (Kimberly Denise Jones), Fat Joe and DJ Scratch who all managed to have revellers on their feet.

Tobias Munangaza who attended the show said: “This is what disappoints me. Firstly $50 is ridiculously exorbitant. The least a promoter can do after overcharging patrons is to own up.”

The show hosted by Zarfest was held on Saturday at the Racecourse in Borrowdale.

When Kenny Kunene walked onto the stage after Ciara’s performance it became clear that Timbaland was not in the building.

He asked people to see a video link on stage.

It was Timbaland saying he would not be able to make it for the show due to reasons beyond his power. He promised to come to Zimbabwe at a later date.

“I’m sorry, Zimbabwe, I had a problem with my flight but I’m going to make it up to you in 48 hours and I’m still coming.”

“We are very sorry for such a letdown and you must know that I paid Timbaland for the performance but the problem faced was technical and beyond his control,” said Kunene.

Timbaland’s official DJ Freestyle Steve tried to calm the audience that had since started booing at Kunene saying he was also disappointed.

Fat Joe also put up a good performance and thrilled fans with his songs, What’s Love, My Fofo and Ain’t Saving Nothing and If it Ain’t about Money.