Tongai Moyo Speaks Out On His Health

There had been reports that Moyo would not be able to perform at a joint show with South African based musician Ringo Madlingozi, pencilled for July 31 in Bulawayo.

The Sungura giant, who has got cancer, was in hospital a fortnight ago where he was having yet another  round of chemotherapy.

“I  have  never failed  my fans  in any show since I started my musical carrier, or even after I was diagnosed with  the disease that I am currently receiving treatment for. It  will  be  unprofessional for  me to advertise a  show and  fail to perform,” he said.

“I  know  that the  issue  of  my  health  has caused  a  lot of debate and  it’s unfortunate  that there  are other people who have  not accurately interpreted it. What  I  want  to emphasise is  that I  do  not advertise  a  show when I really  know that I wont be able to deliver the service to my beloved  fans.

“In fact many times  Ihave over performed at  most  shows when fans demanded more,” he added.

“The  Bulawayo show is  going to  be a  pungwe (all night  long) because we  do  not want  fans  to get  back  home during the  night as  this will expose them  to robbers. The  other reason we have considered is the fact that most  of the fans who will be attending  this big  show  will  be coming from different parts of the country and we do  not want  them to drive at  midnight. We  want  everyone to enjoy  and return to  their respective  homes safely.”

The sungura  maestro said it was true  that he was having health problems but  dismissed assertions  that it  was life threatening.

“As  you know I was in hospital for  medical  check-up, but I  am glad  to tell  you  that I  am back and  rearing to go. I am now  fit and have  assumed my  routine shows around the country. Next week I
will  be  having several shows in Harare and Shamva and many others before  the Bulawayo clash with Ringo.I  urge  those who are continuously doubting  me  to attend my shows  and see for themselves
that I  am back and  this time with a  bang,” he added.

His joint show with Ringo will take place at Bulawayo’s large city hall and will also include dancer and singer Sandra Ndebele.