Tourism Minister Ordered To Return Mugabe's Missing Gifts

The gifts disappeared in February soon after they were donated.

Mzembi,  who is also Masvingo South legislator,  together with Masvingo provincial governor Titus Maluleke, were being accused of taking 30 tonnes of sugar donated by Triangle limited.

At a special hearing, sources said Maluleke denied taking anything and blamed everything on Mzembi.

Maluleke, who is a very close friend to Masvingo party chairman, Lovemore Matuke, was acquitted, leaving Mzembi in the mess.
“Mzembi failed to defend himself and he has no option besides returnimg the sugar. The provincial executive said looting the sugar tarnished the party image and they were having a lot of problems in convincing the public that Zanu (PF) is not a party of thieves.
Matuke, said he was confident the party will recover all the missing gifts.
“I can not disclose what we are exactly doing but you have to know that those missing gifts will be recovered sooner or later. Whether its  Mzembi or whoever took them, we shall have the gifts back and for sure the President will receive everything which is due to hm,” said Matuke.
But Mzembi refused to comment saying he was very busy.
“Dont just phone me and demand a comment. You liars, never phone me again. I am busy I have to attend better business,” said Mzembi