Township Wall Advertising Media Model Expands from Zim Roots

Harare, February 18, 2015-After over 5 years of leadership in the township wall advertising industry throughout South Africa, township media specialists, Keys Communications are expanding their successful business model to include the rest of Africa. The African operations will be headquartered in Zimbabwe. This unique model has a pivotal CSI component, providing community members with revenue opportunities for the use of the township wall as an advertising platform.  In turn brands enjoy a strategic advertising location which facilitates direct access to a captive audience within the context of their daily experiences – be it going to work, school or a place of leisure.  

 “This is our ABCD model of Township Outdoor Media which we are now introducing into the rest of Africa,” says Anisa Kale, Owner of Keys Communications, commenting on the (ABCD) Assets Based Community Development Model which uses existing township resources of people, knowledge and structures, creating mutual benefits between the advertiser and target market to foster community affinity and loyalty to brands.”

 Keys Communications provides brands with advertising locations on main arterials in the townships, while giving brands the opportunity to improve the socio-economic conditions of people in the township by renting their wall space and providing them with an income.

This has been achieved working with the likes of Nike SA, Supersport, Nedbank, Wimpy, Department of Water Affairs, Strepsils, Coca Cola SA (Powerplay Energy Drink), Guinness Draught Beer, Eskom and many other brands, providing the perfect advertising platform which enables these and other brands to access the niche township growth market present in both South Africa and Zimbabwe (including the rest of Africa).

“Zimbabwe and similar countries in Africa are an ideal environment for Township Wall Media, where like South Africa, there is always an ever increasing consumer market.  This medium provides a perfect solution for brand advertising and Keys Communications is creating the necessary infrastructure, opening up new avenues to facilitate further brand exposure opportunities using township wall advertising in Africa” says Kale. 

By establishing a close connection to the Zimbabwean and other African townships and communities, Keys Communications optimises their expertise in marketing to create the foundations that will both further a brand’s objectives and also uplift the community through the CSI model which combines philanthropy with an entrepreneurial edge.  “We aim to create an ideal win-win situation, enabling brands to communicate directly with the aspirational township target market, giving them inroads to places where traditional outdoor media do not often enjoy access, including rural and township areas while also providing brands with exposure in urbanised locations,” says Kale.

A fundamental figure in our Africa Operations, head quartered in Zimbabwe is Vimbai Muchenje, who brings a wealth of marketing knowledge from over ten years of work experience across a broad spectrum of industries, making her instrumental in being able to act in the best interests of different brands.

  Together with strong family values, accompanied with a passion for the advertising and marketing industries, Muchenje is an effective communicator which has played a significant part in opening up the medium of Township Wall Media in this new territory.  “Both Zimbabwean brands and the communities of their respective target markets and brands are excited to embrace this medium,” says Muchenje.  “We are currently creating strong relationships with both landlords and clients alike based on the ABCD model.”

 This is further supported by Keys Communications’ fastidious commitment to excellence, providing an advertising solution with a production finish, using a unique high definition airbrushing to create this sophisticated effect.  “Basically, this enables a brand to paint anything on a township wall surface,   resulting in a visual environment which becomes a landmark that could be positively associated with a brand, and provide top of mind awareness – such as when people speak about the “Clover AMASI Wall at the Maponya Mall,” using it as a destination landmark to direct traffic, or even asking the taxi driver to stop at that particular point,” says Muchenje.  “In this way a brand is adopted by the community as part of the culture and everyday life experiences.”

 This is further attested by results obtained from research conducted by the globally renowned Millward Brown in the last quarter of 2013.  Results showed that not only is Township Wall Media as impactful as billboard advertising, effectively placing Township Wall Media in the mainstream Out of Home Offering, but Township Wall Media has better and deeper penetration, and costs less than traditional billboards.

  “In this way Keys Communications is introducing new opportunities to brands in Zimbabwe, supplying the ideal communication medium for the target market and providing the high quality of a production finish of a billboard while capturing the township’s vital essence,” says Kale.

  “We are very excited about the new expansion into Zimbabwe, a place where, together with Vimbai, we are importing the successful Keys Communications business model, in order to support brands in communicating their messages, while simultaneously assisting local communities, so that ultimately everyone can have a share in the success and effectiveness of each advertising campaign,” concludes Kale.