'Trafficked' Teen Found In Cape Town Brothel

The girl had been brought from her home town of Klerksdorp under false pretences of babysitting and found herself working in a brothel, he said.

The brothel had only been operating for a month and the girl had only been working there for a week.

“Luckily she had not had her first client yet,” said Arendse. “Furthermore she was told that she would not get paid for her first client as the money would go towards paying for her flight to Cape Town.”

The girl told police that her mother had made arrangements with the brothel owner to have her sent to Cape Town, he said.

A joint operation by the City of Cape Town’s Vice Squad and the Table View SAPF had led to the arrest of the alleged brothel owner on charges of human trafficking on Sunday.

He posted bail on Monday morning, said Arendse.

South Africa has warned visitors to the World Cup against rising incidents of human traficking in the country.

Some Zimbabwean women were falling prey to human trafficking as most people flocked to the country in search of jobs.