Triangle Man Plunges Car Into Canal To Commit Suicide

CHIREDZI – A man from Triangle has committed suicide by driving his car into a big canal following a dispute with his wife over a child he sired outside marriage.

Police spokesperson, Inspector Charity Mazula confirmed that Francis Mukuchu’s death which she said was reported to be an accident not suicide. 

“I received a report that Mukuchu lost control of his vehicle, veered off the road to his right and it plunged into a water canal. I did not receive any report of suicide,” said Mazula.

A workmate of the deceased who requested not to be named confirmed the incident and said Francis Mukuchu was buried on Saturday.

Mukuchu who was a technician at Triangle plunged his vehicle a Ford Laser into the canal at Section 1 Chifombo area. He was discovered by a passerby who even tried to rescue him from the canal but he resisted all the efforts leading to his death.

 “It is sad, it was suicide as he plunged his vehicle into that canal with the intention to kill himself. He had a dispute with his wife at home after it was discovered that he has a child outside marriage. We worked together,” said the workmate.