Troubled Zimbabweans Pin Hopes On SADC, AU Again

Zimbabwean civil society organisations and political parties based in South Africa say although they have been failed by the Southern African Development Community (SADC), they will continue to seek assistance from the body.

Speaking in Johannesburg following this week’s unrest in the country, the groups say the regional body assisted in propping up President Robert Mugabe’s rule by endorsing a series of flawed elections.

Zimbabweans observed a one-day mass stay-away this week after Harare banned the import of basic goods and failed to pay public servants.

The organisations want SADC and African Union (AU) to find a solution to the country by securing President Robert Mugabe’s resignation and the establishment of political reforms. 

“We can’t do away with the SADC and the AU for the mere reason that even if you look at how international law has progressed today, you will never have a coup that is sanctioned under the auspices of SADC and the AU.

“There are processes as I said which include the invocation, something called the responsibility to protect … so our best way forward is to continue nudging processes within those institutions, ” says Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Exiles Union Gabriel Shumba.

ZANU-PF condemned the stay-away describing it as part of a regime change agenda.