Troutbeck – Zimbabwe's Davos

Several of the country’s tourism areas have since suffered from a political back lash with western countries, where most of the big spending tourists come from, issuing several travel warnings to Zimbabwe over the years.

Apart from the political issues the tourism also suffered from over a decade long economic crisis whose effects are still being felt today. Many of the prime tourism destinations are still struggling to recover but the Africa Sun owned Troutbeck Resort in Nyanga is still punching above its weight. It is the Davos of Zimbabwe.

With a cool weather throughout the year the resort stands out as one of the obvious choices of a family vacation. It is according to tourism industry players taking away the glitter from other tourism areas such as Victoria Falls and Kariba.

Like Davos in Switzerland it offers a relaxed environment for meetings and holidaying. It has scenic views landmarked by the many pine tree plantations that surround it. It is located in a small valley in between mountains and gives one a fantastic view of the Nyanga area which is landmark location for big mountains in Zimbabwe.

Like Davos,Troutbeck is a city within a village. It is much more beautiful at night when the hotel lit up its environments. Apart from the splendid views the 70 room resort and chalets offers many recreational facilities for everyone. From a gold course to horse riding, fishing, canoeing to beach volleyball, it is all there. It is now also well known for its conference and sporting facilities hosting major golf tournaments which were previously a preserve of the capital city Harare.

The weather here is unpredictable. It can be hot one minute, cold and rain immediately after. Such are the wonders of the place.

While driving towards the hotel, you immediately feel the sense of the place as you negotiate the winding roads to Troutbeck. The resort also boosts of out of this world meals served with the traditional Nyanga trout fish. The fish is a product of the hotel.

There is a fish farm where the fish are produced and always served fresh. The fruit meddle that also come with the meals is another plus for this fine resort. All the fruits are produced in farms surrounding the hotel.

The resort is also a place of scenery. It is an area of grand, wide views across the broad, deep, wooded valleys. It has many high peak points such as the world view landmark located just about 7 kilometres from the hotel. It is regarded as the highest peak point in the country.