Tsvangirai and Mugabe Under Pressure To End Violence

“The President and I yesterday agreed that we need to resort to a period of political stability and policy predictability”, said Tsvangirai addressing delegates, Thursday.

Tsvangirai made these remarks whilst addressing delegates who had come to witness the official launch of the country’s Medium Term Economic Plan.

The US$9 billion Medium Term Economic Plan for 2011-2015 which the government has launched aims to realize the full recovery of the decade long battered economy.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said if what he and President Mugabe agreed was going to be respected the country’s economy was going to fully recover soon.

The political rivals (Morgan Tsvangirai and Robert Mugabe) are always at loggerheads over political ideological differences.

President Robert Mugabe of ZANU(PF) accuses MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai of working in common purpose with the country’s colonial masters, with the latter denying the allegations.

The aging Zimbabwean leader uses state security structures to clamp down on MDC-T members and its supporters.

Violation of rights of MDC supporters by Zanu (PF) continues to be a topical issue in the coalition government and violations include from illegal arrests and detention to physical beatings.