Tsvangirai Brands Mugabe A Hypocrite And Tired Election Candidate

Tsvangirai told journalists during his Monthly Prime Minister’s briefings on Friday he was increasingly getting annoyed by President Mugabe’s unpredictability when it comes to sticking to agreements made during their regular meetings as principals.

The MDC-T leader singled out the recent unilateral reappointment of the country’s service chiefs by Mugabe as a case in which the aging leader had acted outside the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment Number 19.

“We cannot have a President who takes a position with fellow principals today and then tomorrow acts outside that position and the constitution that he swore to uphold,” he said.“I have made it clear to the President that he is in breach and that I and the party that I lead would find it difficult to recognise.

“We have a President who indicates left and then turns right. He has undermined our collective position and agreement as principals while he directs his functionaries to execute decisions that are at variance with our common position. The question is, can the real Mugabe stand up. “I know that the President continues to live in the past forgetting that this is a shared responsibility.”

Tsvangirai said he did not become Premier “by accident” but became one after defeating Mugabe in an election.

He vowed he and his party will not be pushed out ot the inclusive process by Zanu PF hardliners.

“We are aware of the plot to frustrate us, to wear us down and to force us out but we have the mandate and covenant with the people and we will brave on and ensure that we hold a free and fair poll by creating an environment that will guarantee the security of the person, the security of the vote and the security of the people’s will.

“Yes, we have had to bear with frustrations over the last three years. Thank God we are made of sterner stuff so we are able to withstand all the frustrations.

“…We have cowards who are afraid of facing me in an election. Their best bet is to field a tired candidate because they believe he is the only one who can stand against Morgan Tsvangirai,” he said in apparent reference to President Mugabe.

Tsvangirai insisted on the implementation of democratic reforms before any fresh polls could be called.

He was adamant he would not take part in elections under the current conditions.

The MDC-T leader also accused Zanu (PF) politicians of stalling key reforms that would lead to an undisputed poll.

Tsvangirai said he was shocked during a recent visit to Chiadzwa that the amount of mining activity he witnessed in the diamond mine was totally at variance with what was trickling into the fiscus.

He insisted on measures being taken to ensure transparency in the exploitation of the gems.