Tsvangirai Calls For SADC Meeting, Dismisses Youth

svangirai who was addressing journalists in Harare after his party’s executive council meeting, also announced the party had dismissed five youth for taking part in violence last month.

“The party urges the immediate convening of a SADC summit. The SADC summit should clearly discuss the road map to an election and the guarantees to the legitimacy of the election,” said Tsvangirai.

He said his party would continue to pursue a solution within SADC, despite its failure to persuade President Robert Mugabe to abide by the Global Political Agreemnent (GPA).

“Until there is a collection decision of SADC, we will not be satisfied. We will only be satisfied when this attempt to rrsolve the dispute or the outstanding issues at the summit. If they fail we will think of other measures but for now its up to President Zuma to facilitate the disputed areas. I am sure that it is within the capacity of President Zuma and SADC to resolve them.”

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma is the mediator to Zimbabwe’s inter-party talks aimed at resolving outstanding issues that are preventing the full implementation of the GPA, signed by Zanu (PF) and the two MDCs.

The MDC leader dismissed vows by Zanu (PF) that they will block the long pending apointment to cabinent of his close ally Roy Bennett.

He accused Emmerson Mnangagwa of being at the forefront of blocking Bennett’s swearing in saying Zanu PF policies could not be allowed to dictate government business.

“Zanu (PF), President Mugabe have no right to appoint any one in cabinet other than our selves because they don’t have that veto power.
Zanu (PF) cannot make a position on Bennett. That is a Zanu (PF) position. Its not a state position. The prosecution was done by the state not by Zanu (PF). We will not accept, neither the prosecution nor the prosecution of Roy Bennett,” said Tsvangirai.

Other issues of contention in the inclusive government involve the controversial tenures of RBZ governor Gideon Gono, Attorney General Johannes Tomana, provincial governors, review and reallocation of miniterial mandates, the chairing of cabinet and the unilateral alteration by Mugabe of ministries as well as sanctions.

Tsvangirai said the MDC had dismissed five youth from the party over violence at the MDC’s headquarters, Harvest House in April.

“The following youths who were at the epicentre of the violence are forthwith expelled from the party: Rhino  Mashaya, Shakespear Mukoyi,Stephen Jahwi, Todini Todini and Francis Machimbizofa,” Tsvangirai said.

“That the above youths shall participate in any activities of the party and that no member of the party shall, within the context of party activities, associate or entertain the above.”

Tsvangirai said his party will implement ‘non-violent conflict management and team building programmes throughout the party structures across the country.

Tsvangirai’s party also raised concern over the the lack of ‘transparency and due process’ of handling diamonds at Chiadzwa. Tsvangirai said the party ‘believes in a broadbased empowerment of the people’ opposed to the current indegenisation drive which benefits only a few.