Tsvangirai Calls For Urgent Meeting With Mugabe

“One of our members who was attacked by Zanu (PF) over the weekend has since passed away. His name was Chrispen Mandizvidza,” MDC spokesperson Nelson Chamisa said at a press conference on Wednesday.

At the same press conference, Tsvangirai said:“This process (constitution making) fails to pass the test of legitimacy, credibility and people drivenness. We have noted with concern the militarisation of the process, interfering with a purely civilian process. Reports from all over the country show the heavy involvement of the military in the process.”

“In the rural areas, ordinary people were under siege from similar cases of military meddling. The military and state agents’ involvement must be investigated and the principals must meet immediately to map the way forward.”

“So messy was the process that it rendered the hearings unnecessary and out of step with the slightest meaning of what could possibly be regarded as a people driven Constitution making process.”

Tsvangirai said the violence over the weekend was needless and was a stark reminder of “our dark past and a serious threat to our common future.”

Zimbabwe is meant to write a new constitution which will lead to new elections but the current disturbances are likely to derail the process.

The main principals of the unity government Tsvangirai, President Robert Mugabe and Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara have failed to resolve outstanding issues in the unity government that include appointment of senior government officials.