Tsvangirai Defies Court, Weds Macheka Under Customary Law

In this, a defiant MDC-T leader circumvented a court ruling that barred him from solemnising his marriage under Chapter 5.11 of the Marriages Act which allows a single wife.

The MDC-T leader, who was in a bubbly mood, told thousands of ecstatic supporters at Glamis Arena in Harare he will not allow his enemies to stop his marriage.

“As a party, we follow the law. As a party, we don’t violate the law. But there are other people who would like to abuse the law for their own political ends. That we reject. That we condemn. Munhu haapiwi mukadzi necourt. Ungapiwe mukadzi nenewpaper? Newspaper rinozivei? (Courts or newspapers cannot impose partners on unwilling spouses).

“Uyu (Macheka) ndakapfimba ndega…uyu ndakamuroora ndega. Hapana akandipa cent. Uyu ndichafa naye nokuti ndakapfimba ndega (I proposed this woman by myself. No one offered a single cent and only death shall do us part).

Tsvangirai took a swipe at his former lover Locardia Karimatsenga who until the eve of his wedding, was still involved in a fierce battle to stop his wedding to Macheka.

“Munhu kana aine dimoni rake, rinoguma ravakudya mwana waro. Because ndinofunga ndichapinda mu guinness book of records as the first Zimbabwean akarambidzwa kuchata nhai veduwe! (If one is possessed, she goes to ridiculous lengths. I think I will end up in the guinness book of records as the first Zimbabwe who was barred from marrying).

“Vamwe vane vakadzi mudzwandanda kuva pano kuswika uku. Vamwe nanotora vakadzi vevanhu. Saka ini chandapara mosva chii? Majerasi.(Some are polygamists. some snatch other people’s wives. Where have I gone wrong then? This is pure jealousy),” Tsvangirai said.

Tsvangirai arrived at Glamis Arena in a convoy of more than 20 plush cars which were escorted by police vehicles.

Over a thousand die-hard supporters who thronged the arena ululated as Tsvangirai kissed a blushing Macheka, daughter to Zanu PF politburo member and former Chitungwiza mayor Joseph Macheka.

The MDC-T leader’s wedding hopes were dashed on Friday when Harare provincial magistrate Munamato Mutevedzi annulled a marriage licence he had issued to him weeks before his much waited wedding to his new wife.

The High Court went on to uphold the ruling early Saturday morning.

Despite public claims he had defied the court ruling by marrying Macheka, Luke Tamborinyoka, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson told RadioVop the wedding was conducted under the country’s Customary Law.

“The Prime Minister has been married. He has been traditionally joined to his wife,” said Tamborinyoka.

“What happened was the Macheka family officially handed over Elizabeth as a wife to the Prime Minister and the ceremony was presided over by a Catholic Bishop.”

Father Patrick Makaka of the Roman Catholic Church in Harare presided the ceremony, which took place at the lush Harare neighbourhood of Umwinsidale.

There were fears Tsvangirai would be arrested for bigamy if he went ahead by wedding under Chapter 5.11 of the Marriages Act.