Tsvangirai Denies Marriage Reports

Instead his aides say he had only gone there to pay damages for impregnating Karimatsenga who is carrying twins.

Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s office, Jameson Timba said Tsvangirai will make a statement on the fiasco at the right time.

“He recognises that the nation needs to know, he will communicate at an appropriate time his marital status and plans and until that happens speculating on the matter will be a dangerous thing to do,” said Timba.
Asked to explain why the Karimatsenga family is running with the ball saying Tsvangirai married their daughter, Timba said, “Marriage takes two people.”

His spokesman Luke Tamborinyoka said as far as he was concerned his boss is still single.

“The Prime Minister will tell the nation when the time comes to announce his marriage,” said Tamborinyoka.

Tsvangirai’s brother Manase who was part of the delegation which travelled to the Karimatsenga homestead on Monday for the ‘marriage’ formalities refused to comment on the matter.
MDC sources said Tsvangirai might have been pressured to pay damages for impregnating Karimatsenga and as he was doing so he was trapped when the whole event was turned into an actual marriage ceremony.

The premier is said to be very unhappy about the whole incident which started on Friday when Karimatsenga suddenly turned up at his Strathaven home to become a live in lover.
Tsvangirai’s camp insist that the Karimatsenga family rushed to inform the media of the “marriage” to make sure that the Prime Minister would not “come out of the relationship” easily.
Despite the denials by the Tsvangirai camp, Zanu-PF MP for Goromonzi Beater Nyamupinga all but firmly confirmed the marriage.
“My sister is a humble and hardworking person and we have confidence in her as a family that she can withstand all the pressure that comes with her new status.
“She is a quiet and reserved person but she really loves people. As a family, we are really happy with what she has done,” Nyamupinga said while announcing the marriage in daily newspapers.
Nyamupinga, who has so far acted as a spokesperson and public face of the Karimatsenga family, also accepted congratulatory messages from fellow Parliamentarians on Tuesday.