Tsvangirai Dismisses Reports Of Affair

In a statement released by his spokesman, Luke Tamborinyoka, the premier charged that the article was highly defamatory and meant to embarass him.

“We had hoped that the public media would use the new political dispensation to embark on responsible journalism and to refrain from publishing lies,” he said.
Tamborinyoka accused The Herald of trying to discredit the prime minister in the hope of increasing its sales.

“No amount of yellow journalism will distract the Prime Minister from his core business of bringing about real and positive change in the lives of the people of Zimbabwe,” he said.The Herald claimed that Aquilina Pamberi had filed for divorce from her husband of 12 years, Jacob Mandeya so she could continue her secret relationship with Tsvangirai.

The divorce proceedings were heard at the juvenile courts in Bulawayo where the media and police details were barred from listening to the proceedings.Tsvangirai and Pamberi are reported to have met at a social function in Bulawayo leading to the birth of their affair.
The Prime Minister’s love life has often been characterised with a lot of speculation since the death of his wife, Susan in a car crash almost two years ago.