Tsvangirai Gets Honorary Degree of Doctor Of Laws

It is the 13th such honorary degree conferred to an individual in the 125-year history of this United Methodist Church institution. Pai Chai University is ranked 8th out of the 400 institutions of higher learning in the Republic Korea and is regarded as a centre of technological excellence in the Korean peninsula.

In his citation upon conferment of the degree, Pai Chai University President, Professor Soonboon Chung said, “In recognition of the enormous contributions made; as a human rights activist struggling to improve the conditions and welfare of the needy both at home and abroad; as a tireless politician endeavouring to to lay the cornerstone of democracy in Zimbabwe; the Graduate Council of Pai Chai University hereby confers the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws to Mr. Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.”

In his acceptance response, Dr Tsvangirai said the honour bestowed upon him was made significant by the important role played by Pai Chai University in advancing learning and understanding within the local and international communities. “Despite the difference in languages, cultures and traditions, we are all united by our innate belief in our fundamental rights as a human beings and in the fact that our governments or leaders must act as the guarantors and protectors of such rights,” said Dr. Tsvangirai.

Dr. Tsvangirai urged African leaders to end the conspiracy of silence that has often allowed repression to continue unchecked. He reiterated the need to respect fundamentals of good governance, respect for the rule of law and property rights and the imperative to invest in developing human capital.