Tsvangirai Invites Zanu (PF) To National Stakeholders Conference

The opposition MDC-T will hold a National Convergence Conference in two to three months’ time which it hopes the ruling Zanu(PF) will attend along with other political parties and stakeholders to find solutions to tackle the country’s desperate and deteriorating economic situation. 

MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai told journalists on Thursday that funds have already been secured for the conference.

He said the meeting would be a platform for key players in politics and the economy to chart the way forward for the country.

“This is not an MDC platform; everyone is invited including Zanu PF.
This is a very serious challenge as the country is in a serious crisis written and authored by Zanu PF,” Tsvangirai said adding: “The people who should welcome this conference the most are Zanu PF because we will provide a solution to the crisis they have created themselves.”

He said his party has set up a committee which will among others invite Zanu PF in the hope of solving the nation’s problems, as they feel this to be the only way to solve the country’s debilitating economic predicament.

Tsvangirai also said the committee would be expanded as time progresses.

“The signs of national leadership failure are now even more glaring for everyone to see, with government now literally lurching from one crisis to the other… Asi azvibatsiri kungochema (it doesn’t help to moan all the time). We all have to find a way out of this situation,” he said.

“There are those who think that by standing aside and watching the ship of state collapse and sink they will celebrate. We are all Zimbabweans; we have to come together to swim or sink together and that’s the motivation behind the MDC’s initiative.”

However, contacted for comment on whether Zanu PF would attend if invited, Zanu PF secretary for administration Ignatius Chombo said it was the first time he was hearing about the conference.

“I am hearing about this issue for the first time from your paper and hence I cannot really say if Zanu PF will or will not attend the conference if invited.” Chombo said.

“I will comment further when I have full information.”

Tsvangirai said his party would this year be focusing on five key areas, namely, the National Convergence Conference, rolling out a national and global campaign to liberate the people, implementation of the reform agenda focusing on constitutional and electoral reforms, campaigning for national elections and returning the country to “legitimacy, economic and social transformation”.

The MDC-T leader also took the opportunity to comment on the recent appointment of two vice-presidents in Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko, saying: “The appointments are simply a cosmetic change without a substantial impact on the direction of the country.


“The newly appointed vice-presidents have their work cut out but predictably, they cannot extricate themselves from Mugabe’s ruinous and disastrous legacy. They are entrapped in the same policy failure that has characterised Zanu PF governance culture in the past 35 years.”


Zimbabwe Independent