Tsvangirai Laments Slow Implementation Of GPA

Speaking at the launch of the Movement for Democratic Change’s (MDC) new party cards in Harare Friday, Tsvangirai said the dragging of feet by
President Mugabe to swear in provincial governors has come as a surprise to him as they have already agreed on the modalities.
As revealed by Radio VOP Thursday, Tsvangirai said his deputy Arthur Mutambara misrepresented facts when he wrote a letter to facilitator President Jacob Zuma claiming that the principals had agreed to appoint new governors concurrently with the removal of sanctions.
The controversial letter by Mutambara has widened gaps in the inclusive government and is stalling progress in the full implementation of the GPA.
“That letter misrepresented facts as the provincial governors and restrictive measures do not mix. I never agreed to that,” said Tsvangirai.
Tsvangirai said such behavior in the inclusive government only helped to undermine progress which had been made so far. “Such an attitude threatens the legacy of our war of liberation which was waged to empower each and every citizen, to provide all of us with the privileges and protections which are our inalienable right. “Therefore, the only way forward is for all signatories to the GPA to abide by the agreement that we signed. Continued failure to fully implement the GPA betrays the trust and the hope the people placed in this inclusive Government.
“The issue of Provincial Governors is a prime example of this. The formula for the allocation of the Governors was agreed by the negotiators based on the results of the election. It is for this reason that the MDC was awarded five Governors as a reflection of our mandate from the people.
“To then artificially link the allocation of Governors to the issue of restrictive measures is a blatant attempt to undermine the GPA, the inclusive Government and the will of the people,” said Tsvangirai.
Mutambara insisted at a press conference on Wednesday that Tsvangirai and Mugabe had agreed that the issue of provincial governors and sanctions should be done concurrently.
He maintained that Tsvangirai was running away from facts he agreed on during a meeting of principals.