Tsvangirai Launches Terror Report

Tsvangirai, who was speaking at the launch of a report titled: “Cries from Goromonzi; Inside Zimbabwe’s Torture Chambers” compiled by the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CZC) in Harare on Thursday said:.

“Indeed, as a Government, we have not yet made the types of progress or democratic reforms which were the very reason for entering into this new administration. It is fitting that this launch is held on March 11, the day when many of us gathered here were together in Highfields and witnessed and experienced the brutality of the regime’s attempts to suppress dissent,” said Tsvangirai.

The event was held on the anniversary of the day when Tsvangirai and other civil society were brutally assaulted by security forces for attending a prayer for Zimbabwe three years ago.

Tsvangirai said President Robert Mugabe’s regime had failed in its attempts to crush voices of dissent but a lot more still needed to be done.

“The fact that we are here today is evidence that they failed to silence us and although we have not yet reached our true democratic destination, we will never stop marching towards the Zimbabwe that the people demand and deserve,” he said.

In the report, CZC uses Goromonzi, not as a destination for torture victims, but as a personification of the pain and suffering these victims undergo during and after their experiences. CZC says in the report that Goromonzi epitomises state sponsored violence.

The report seeks to expose torture camps, the prevalence of the use of torture and acts as a catalyst for security sector reforms in Zimbabwe.

Several political and human rights activists have been subject to torture in Zimbabwe in various torture chambers for months. In 2008, before and after the March harmonised elections, some political and human rights defenders were abducted and tortured for months on end.

 In December of the same year Jestina Mukoko and others were abducted and tortured but the Supreme Court stayed her prosecution saying the abduction was illegal.