Tsvangirai Marriage Wrangle Continues

Responding to Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s statement on Wednesday evening calling off his relationship with Locadia alleging that it had been taken over by forces beyond him, a family member, Simba Shopera said:

“Do you think we are fools as a family just because we have been quite, do you think we invited the press to come and see our daughter being married to Tsvangirai, do you think we embedded the CIO or Zanu (PF)?”

“Time will tell the truth and it will exonerate everybody.”

Shopera said the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party, which Tsvangirai heads, has nothing to do with this issue as it is a pure matter between two people and their families.

“Takauya tikaroworerwa and now we are made a mockery. Is it a CIO operation or Zanu (PF) operation that gave Locadia pregnancy,” Shopera asked in an interview.

He said Locadia is still at the Tsvangirai homestead in Buhera despite claims by the premier that he has communicated with the family that he wants out of the relationship.

“Ask them where Locadia is right now. She is with her husband and they know that. The last time we heard from her was when she was going to Buhera to see her in-laws. I hope she is safe there.” he said.

Shopera appeared to be saying Tsvangirai was economical with the truth in his statement released by his office on Wednesday evening.

He said the statement deliberately ignored mentioning the “unborn children.” Locadia is believed to be pregnant with Tsvangirai’s twins.

“We have also decided to also be spectators in this thing. We will watch you and let you write. Nowhere have you expressed sympathy for Locadia yet she is carrying Tsvangirai’s Children,” said Shopera taking a swipe at women’s organisation for their silence.

“How come none of the women organisations that promotes women’s rights spoken on the issue? Thursday was International World Aids Day and someone is going around making babies and we say he is a leader.”

Several Zimbabweans have blasted the premier for leading a life which encourages the spread of HIV and AIDS. Most of those that were quoted in newspapers over the last week say a man of his stature should behave in a manner that cast him as a role model to the young citizens of Zimbabwe.