Tsvangirai Orders Return Of Mutumwa Mawere's Business Empire

Tsvangirai said Mawere should be allowed to return in the country unconditionally and handed back control of his mines to save jobs that are under threat at the collapsing mining firm.
SMM was owned by Mawere’s Africa Resources Limited, but the companies were put under the administration of Afaras Gwaradzimba after the former was elbowed out of the firm and forced to fled to South Africa after Resereve Bank Governor Gideon Gono accused him of externalising foreign exchange.
Now Tsvangirai, who is now Premier in a shaky powering sharing deal with his erstwhile foe-President Mugabe-wants Mawere to return to the country unconditionally to rescue Zimbabwe’s sole asbestos fibre mining concern from slipping further the precipice.
”There is no need to continue with failed policies of the past which surely caused the situation that is obtaining at Shabanie Mashava Mines today. The state of affairs obtaining here today are a result of policies that totally failed but something can be done to save the thousands of jobs and the asbetos industry which depends on this mines.
”What we have said and will continue to work towards is to make sure that Mawere(Mutumwa) is allowed back into the country unconditionally and be given bac control of his mines to save jobs and the economy, we cannot continue to live in the past and be associated with bad policies and decisions,”said Tsvangirai.
The Zimbabweans premier said cabinet was currently working on a short-term plan to make sure that power was restored at the two mines to avert continued flooding of the mine shafts.
”I for one because of my history know that there is very big and important machinery that is underground in the mine shafts and the continued absence of electricity means some of the equipment will be flooded by the water and will be very dear to replace so at cabinet level we are working flat out to make sure power is restored as soon as possible,”he said.