Tsvangirai Prepares For Election

Radio VOP understands that Tsvangirai will on Tuesday evening start his consultative meetings in Mabvuku, Harare after he which he will tour other areas around Harare before embarking on a nationwide tour.

The MDC has reportedly already started preparing for elections after Zanu PF’s President Robert Mugabe repeatedly announced that elections will be held next year to choose a government to run the country and not the current situation where three political parties are all in charge.

Luke Tamborinyoka, who is Tsvangirai’s spokesperson confirmed that his boss will be in Mabvuku on Tuesday evening but refused to divulge much information.

“The Prime Minister will be in Mabvuku tomorrow on party business but I can’t reveal much. You will have to speak to Mr Chamisa who is the party spokesperson,” said Tamborinyoka.

Mugabe and Tsvangirai are set to lock horns again next year for the country’s highest post with both announcing that elections will be held next year soon after the referendum.

 Elections are seen as the only solution to solve the country’s political problems as Mugabe and Tsvangirai continue to haggle over outstanding issues from the Global Political Agreement (GPA).

A minister close to Tsvangirai confirmed that the Zimbabwean Prime Minister was already in an election mood and will start with grassroots levels.

“President Tsvangirai took a break at the weekend where he was reflecting on the way forward in Zimbabwe’s politics. He evaluated the GPA and also looked at the way forward in the face of his fight with Mugabe which has now escalated to very high levels.

“Tsvangirai is not taking any chances and will start with meeting the people on the ground to hear their grievances and also update them on the progress made so far in government. He will take the chance to explain his attacks on Mugabe and will address all other thorny issues.

“His programme will be hectic but he has no option as he strives to win elections overwhelmingly next year,” said the Tsvangirai associate.

On the other hand, Zanu PF will put the 86-year-old Mugabe as their candidate and at the weekend, the party’s women’s league said they want the veteran leader to rule the country for life.

Zanu PF officials arguing that the MDC are at  its weakest as they have also made mistakes since coming into government last year.