Tsvangirai Seeks Medical Treatment In SA

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson James Maridadi said the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader went to South Africa on Tuesday and
will be back on Monday for “minor operation”.

“Yes, he is in South Africa for a minor operation. It’s not a major operation and not life threatening at all. His life is not in danger at all and he will be back in the country on Monday,” said Maridadi.

Tsvangirai was last year involved in a fatal accident that claimed his wife, Susan and he came out with minor injuries on the head. The accident occurred just a few weeks after the inauguration of the inclusive government in February last year following the signing of the Global Political Agreement in September 2008.

This led to a number of MDC activists suspecting that the accident was plotted.

In March 2007 Tsvangirai, together with party activists and journalists, was arrested and savagely beaten by police officers following an aborted prayer meeting at Zimbabwe Grounds.

Sources from the MDC say Tsvangirai now has to undergo these regular medical check-ups as a direct result of the injuries he sustained while he was being assaulted by police officers while in police custody.Images of an injured Tsvangirai shocked the whole world as he first a ppeared in court following the March 11, 2007 attack. It was also reported that he cracked his skull during the attack.