Tsvangirai To Remain MDC Leader

The MDC-T was reacting to media reports suggesting Tsvangirai would step down from his party’s leadership post next year in line with the MDC-T’s original constitution that “allows an incumbent to hold office of two five-year terms”.

The reports said the MDC-T had passed a resolution to the effect that the “movement’s third congress – where a new leader would be elected – would be held after the holding of presidential elections next year”.

The MDC-T said the reports were untrue and aimed at creating problems within the party ahead of the elections.

“The story in today’s issue of The Financial Gazette claiming that President Morgan Tsvangirai is set to step down is false, malicious and misleading,” the MDC-T said.

“For the record, MDC and President Tsvangirai are firmly focused on the party’s agenda for real change; to stabilize the economy; to create jobs; and to ensure that democracy flourishes in Zimbabwe. President Tsvangirai’s invaluable soft-power to let democracy sit down; to allow Zimbabweans to reclaim their democratic space and national dignity remains the MDC’s foundation of vibrancy and strength.”

The party added: “Since President Tsvangirai humiliated Robert Mugabe and the former ruling party, Zanu PF, in the 29 March 2008 elections, the party is clear about its roadmap to a new Zimbabwe.

The MDC-T said at its 2006 historic congress, the people tasked their newly elected leadership with a specific agenda to take the nation out of a deep crisis of governance.

“The party set out specific benchmarks to measure progress and the people are confident that the MDC remains on the right track. The MDC, working together with the people, will continue to lead until change becomes a reality,” the party said.

“The issues dominating debate in the MDC are anchored on the people’s agenda for real change; for good governance; for a prosperous Zimbabwe; and for a violence-free society. Anything else, outside these basic needs, has yet to find a place in the dominant discourse inside the party.”

The MDC-T it  would hold its congress in line with the dictates of the party’s constitution and as re-emphasised by the National Council at its last meeting in Kadoma.

“Furthermore, the MDC family is happy and comfortable with the leadership and stewardship of president Tsvangirai and the real change team. Any insinuation of imaginary discord in the party shall remain a figment of the imagination of the authors of such. It is not surprising that those who oppose real change will come up with all sorts of conspiracies and counter conspiracies bent on confusing and way laying the agenda for real change.”