Tsvangirai: Victim Of Character Assassination By Opponents Or His Own Lust?

This is the argument of one top MDC-T official in the wake of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s widely publicised love battle with his former lover Lorcadia Karimatsenga that has spilled into the local courts.

These sentiments represent the general thinking within the premier’s party and some of his sympathisers with some even arguing the MDC-T leader was not a pastor who should be judged on the basis of his moral standing.

Die-hard MDC-T supporters insist they will never hold back their support for their embattled leader because he has been caught on the wrong side of the moral cord of conduct.

Ironically, even some women based NGOs have been conspicuous by their silence during what some would find as a genuine call for their intervention when a national leader seems to be openly abusing one or some of their own.

HIV/Aids activists could also come in handy when a national leader has openly set a good example of how not to behave during the HIV/Aids menace.

But the most commonly asked question has been whether Tsvangirai has been a victim of a state orchestrated character assassination attempt or he is simply a victim of his own insatiable sexual cravings.

In Shona, there is a common saying, ukatsvaga makudo mugomo unomawana (if you look for baboons up the mountain, you are sure to find them).

Indeed, Tsvangirai has spent a generous amount of time in the mountain and he has found plenty of those baboons.

If this was a game of football, Tsvangirai could be spending a long time playing the ball inside his own 18 area where the probability of scoring own goals is high. And he has scored a few.

Tsvangirai is one person with Zimbabwe’s best opportunity to upstage President Mugabe come elections and he would better be advised to dedicate his energies towards pursuing this dream.

Some would say the clumsy way Tsvangirai has managed or rather mismanaged his love life has revealed a man who is not so smart in dealing with situations of such nature.

It is almost basic that having spent a bit of time with some female characters to a point of sharing beds, one should find a clever exit from these relationships.

If one injures their ego, it is almost inevitable they will behave like Lorcadia Karimatsenga, whom the premier jilted in the full glare of the media.

Indeed, Locardia has nothing more to lose and should naturally be expected to take her former lover to the proverbial wire.

While Tsvangirai could be given the benefit of doubt if he says dumping Locardia was the best decision he could make after the relationship had apparently been contaminated with state intelligence, he honestly cannot say the same with Loretta Nyathi, the young Bulawayo woman he impregnated.

In that, Tsvangirai cannot pull a straight face and argue that this clumsy sexual adventure was also a set up. This was a pure case of lust and total recklessness.

A smart man would tell you that a casual sex relationship should not result in pregnancy. 
That is basic.

But while Tsvangirai has had his own weak moments in matters of the heart, it may be dishonest to suggest there is no hidden hand in his love saga.

It is true that President Mugabe and his Zanu PF are schemers who have tried every trick in the book to frustrate their political opponents.

Mugabe has subjected his opponents to every treason trial albeit with zero convictions.

Another treason trial on Tsvangirai would surely not be the best strategy now given the close scrutiny the world and his African peers have given to Zimbabwe’s unity administration that he leads.

To then suggest he and his “boys” have been passive spectators in this soap opera would be naïve.

It is easy to question the source of money and energy that Lorcadia has invested into pursuing Tsvangirai right into the local courts.

To start with, is Tsvangirai her first boyfriend and if not, how has she failed to do the same to others?

Is it enough for her to say Tsvangirai is an exception because he went the extra mile to pay lobola for her?

It is this that brings the character assassination theory by Tsvangirai’s political opponents.

Mugabe is aware Tsvangirai cannot seek comfort in the debatable assertion that African politics has not yet reached a stage where leaders can be judged on the basis of their moral compass.

If that is far-fetched, then one should take a look at how excited the state media has been in covering Tsvangirai’s love adventures.

The state media has been a willing tool in Zanu PF’s character assassination projects. 
Ask Pius Ncube or Toendepi Shonhe of MDC-T.

Tsvangirai could be warned to expect the worst from his nemesis that could be out to reverse his political gains.

True, like a game of chess, Tsvangirai can brace for a political checkmate if one of his lovers decides to sue for alleged “wilful transmission of HIV/Aids”.