Tsvangirai Will Never Rule Zimbabwe, Says Mutasa

Tsvangirai beat Mugabe in the landmark elections but failed to garner the fifty plus one majority votes required by law, leading to a runoff that the MDC boycotted citing violence among its supporters.

After a legitimacy crisis, Mugabe formed a coalition government with Tsvangirai in 2009.

Mutasa said even defeated in elections proposed to be held next year, Zanu (PF), with a firm grip on executive resources like the army, police and secret service, will not hand over power to the MDC leader.

He said the statements at Bota business centre in Zaka where he was the guest of honour at a field day organised by a Zanu (PF) Agricultural promotional body, the South East Growers Association (SEGA).

“Who is Tsvangirai? He will never rule this country. Never Ever. How can we leave the country be ruled by sell-outs?” Mutasa said.

He added, “Over our dead body. Even if we go to the polls and he Tsvangirai defeats Mugabe, Zanu (PF) and the people of Zimbabwe will not allow that.

“It is a waste of time and resources to hold elections so soon. After all, the electoral playing field is not yet even,” Progressive Teachers Union in Zimbabwe PTUZ president Takavafira Zhou said. “The wounds from the last elections have not yet healed and the situation is not yet conducive.”