Tsvangirai’s Book Is Full Of Lies: Ncube

Addressing about 600 of his supporters at Nketa Hall in Bulawayo on Sunday Ncube said Tsvangirai wrote lies in his book “At the Deep End” which was published some few months ago.
Ncube took a swipe at the country’s independent media for blind support of the country’s premier.

“Journalists especially those from Daily News,  you are praising Tsvangirai daily ,as if he is God why not  writing about lies  which he  wrote in his book. Some of you ran away and are broadcasting from Washington but are now behaving the same as the ZBC,”said Ncube.
Ncube also dispelled possibilities of forming a coalition with the mainstream MDC led by Tsvangirai.
“MDC-T, forget about your dreams about us existing for a coalition with MDC, no, no, no we don’t exist for that we exist for this party we will win the next election,” added  Ncube.
 “Please understand that Tsvangirai and his party are not our allies just as much Zanu-PF is not our ally. We are not looking for allies but we are looking for support of the people of Zimbabwe,” added Ncube.
Last week Ncube described the premier as a useless leader who has betrayed Zimbabweans by allowing the powers bestowed upon him upon signing the Global Political Agreement (GPA) to slip away to President Robert Mugabe.
Tsvangirai and Ncube are former allies who launched the united MDC in 1999 with the former becoming the President whilst Ncube becoming the Secretary General of the party.
The vibrant party split in 2005 over strategy and participation in Senate elections held then.