Tsvangirai's Former Lover In Debt Trap

Justice Andrew Mutema recently ordered Tembo to pay Fawcett Security Operations (Fawcett) $6 679 for security services provided at her Chisipite home which she has not settled since last year.

According to Fawcett , Tembo reneged on paying for security services provided for almost one year from June last year to April, a misdemeanour which resulted in the withdrawal of services.

According to a customer detailed ledger obtained from Fawcett by Radio VOP, Tembo, at the time of the withdrawal of services had only paid $2 857 out of $9 536 incurred for the period that Fawcett extended services to her and leaving an outstanding bill of $6 679.

“This amount remains outstanding to this date in spite of proper demand,” reads part of Fawcett’s declaration filed in support of the summons issued against Tembo in the high court.

Tembo did not contest the lawsuit filed by Fawcett resulting in the high court granting an order sought by the security firm.

Tsvangirai, who lost his first wife, Susan in 2009 in a car accident, married and sordidly divorced Tembo last November after a short-stint marriage citing interference by some central intelligence organization operatives, which he blamed for intruding in his love life. Tsvangirai has since married Elizabeth Macheka.