Tsvangirai's Personal Reflections Justify His "Expulsion": Renewal Team

Former Zimbabwean prime minister and opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s Personal Reflections have justified his expulsion from the party, the MDC-T’s renewal group said on Tuesday.

In a statement, the group agitating for ‘regime change’ within the country’s biggest opposition party said Tsvangirai’s life is littered with “incredible capacity for ill and wrong judgement”.

“In his Reflections, Tsvangirai refers to himself  as a misunderstood person. There is nothing further from the truth than this. Zimbabweans do understand Tsvangirai. They know him as a man of the past, who tried and failed. They know him as a man who is history but is now desperate for relevance,” the renewal group said. “It is Tsvangirai who misunderstands Zimbabweans. In this regard Tsvangirai has simply become an albatross, to the development of democratic forces in this country.  He has become a noose that is hanging around the democratic movement in this country.  And as long as he is around, no one will ever take the party that he purports to lead seriously.”

The group added that the irony of the MDC-T leader’s reflections is to “vindicate the position of the renewal team. We were right after all. However, it is evident that Tsvangirai has not reflected well enough. An objective reflection would have led him to one inescapable conclusion, his resignation from public office”.

“It is self-evident that Zimbabwe is arrested by serious crisis of leadership in both the public and private sector. Speaking for the opposition movement, we note, the blunt attempts at rebranding and rehabilitation by the expelled leader of the MDC Morgan Tsvangirai,” the statement said.  “The so called personal reflections published on the 7th of July 2014 show beyond reasonable doubt, an individual who truly is at the deep end, and must do the right thing and quit public office”.

The MDC-T has been reeling since it was humiliated by Zanu PF in harmonised elections a year ago and calls for Tsvangirai, who has been at the helm since formation 15-years-ago, to resign have grown. Matters hit tipping-point early this year when deputy treasurer general Elton Mangoma penned two damning letters calling on Tsvangirai to step-down and pave way for an elective congress. Tsvangirai stood his ground and refused and seemed to have weathered the rebellion until a national council meeting by top aide and secretary general Tendai Biti “suspended” the former premier and six other top leaders.

Zimbabwe Mail