Tuku Celebrates 59th Album

Mtukudzi, the most distinguished and successful musician unleashed at one go his 58th and 59th album on Monday.

His 58th album entitled Rudaviro and Kutsi Kwemwoyo, the 59th album is a compilation of songs recorded in the period 2005 to 2010.

“Kutsi Kwemoyo and Rudaviro mark the publication of Tuku’s whopping 58th and 59th albums respectively in a period spanning well over 30 years of recording music,” said Tukumusik’s publicist Shepherd Mutamba.

Tuku, as Mtukudzi is popularly known among his legion of fans, released his debut album, Ndipeiwo Zano in 1978.

Mutamba said the music releases will “provide quite a handsome bumper collection for all the buffs of Tuku Music who have been waiting for new music from Tuku since Dairai in 2008.”

Also released at the same time with Rudaviro and Kutsi Kwemoyo is Cheziya, Sam Mtukudzi’s second album which was released posthumously last Friday.

Cheziya, Sam’s second album after his debut Rume Rimwe released in 2007 has been described by his parents Oliver and wife Daisy as “a rare gift from a loving son.”

Sam died in March in a tragic car accident which also claimed his friend Owen Chimhare.