Tuku, Mapfumo In Concert

At least 4 000 fans packed the Carnival City arena to celebrate Tuku’s latest release that comes barely a month after the launch of another CD, Rudaviro.

Abi’angu is a compilation of duets that Tuku did with Zimbabwean and foreign musicians.

The Zimbabwean artists include Kudzai Sevenzo, Charles Chiweshe, Willom Tight and XQ. Among the foreign artists are Judith Sephuma, Cesaria Evora, Ringo Madlingozi, Jaziel Brothers, Siphokazi, Afro Tenors and Eric Wainaina.

Says Tuku about his latest release that gives him a clear lead as Zimbabwe’s most recorded musician: “I cannot have a duet song with myself. It can only be a duet with a friend. Your heart which is so close to me, just as mine is to yours, can only be this close by accepting each other.”

Abi’angu is quite a bumper album with 15 tracks and will be released in Zimbabwe soon, according to Tuku Music.

Tuku is the best selling regional artist in South Africa, outside South Africans themselves, and nearly all his shows are always sold out in the country.

But what made Tuku’s album launch even more sensational was his performance with Mapfumo who is here to promote his latest album Exile.

Mapfumo is one of the few bold musicians who have openly said Zimbabwe’s veteran leader President Robert Mugabe must go accusing the geriatric ruler of corrupt leadership and dictatorship.

When two of Zimbabwe’s greatest musicians went on stage the entire auditorium went into a complete frenzy.

Mapfumo, who has not always played the guitar at his shows, strummed his while Tuku had his and both played Are You Read For The Music which is one of Mapfumo’s new songs but is yet to be recorded.

Tuku and Mapfumo worked together in the Wagon Wheels Band in the 1970s and have only been occasionally playing together since then.