'TV Dramas Are Killers Of Society'

By Hamilton Tspoon

During the olden days TV dramas used to teach us, the viewers, a lesson or two about life. The bad guys never won a thing and never succeeded in their lives. Dramas used to do work that teachers at school and parents who stayed far from their children could not do. It was too motivating to call your children to watch a TV drama or listen from a radio.

Up until now, television has become the killer of the society. The nowadays writer and producers don’t give a damn about our kids and the society at all but their own pockets. When I compare them with drug dealers I, for one, do not see any different whatsoever. A drug dealer sells you drugs knowing exactly the consequences of using them but still sell them. He does not care whether they, (drugs) kill you or nor, all he needs is money in his pocket that’s all.

In South African dramas Killers, drug lords, in facts all bad guys are given long role and never fail nor get caught not get killed. The only time the bad guy gets caught or killed in South African stories is when his/her contract get cancelled or not renewed by producers.

Let’s look at these few examples:


There was a guy called Sbusiso Dhlomo; this guy was the most dangerous and bad guy in Generations and he never lost in all his fights. He was South Africa’s favourite actor, not because of his given skills only, also because he never lost. He killed many people but never got caught, except for one time where he was arrested for shooting at a chair but did not stay in jail.

Still on Generation, there was a guy called Jack Mabaso who was the most feared criminal on the drama. Every time he lost a fight was when the producers have decided not to renew his contract.  But when they wanted him again he would resurface and continue with his killing without getting caught until the contract expires.


Here there is a bad guy called Genaro. The guy gets all his money the illegal way but never gets caught or loses a fight.


This is one hell of a crime story/drama; everything done in this drama is done the illegal way. Almost every character in this drama is living lies and is succeeding with his/her lies. There is a girl called Dintle; everything she has, she got it through lies and she is progressing. Thembeka on the other hand is doing great with lies and manipulations. Lucas Nyathi is doing great in prison; he gets whatever he wants in prison.

When I look at the life lived in South Africa I can tell you that these drams have had a big input on shaping it and/or bringing it to existence. Kids want copying what they see on television good or bad, as long as it shown on TV. When you tell your child to do 1; 2; 3, he/she will try to copy what Dintle did on Scandal and do it to you. If you fail to catch her she will do it again and again and again. From there she will be out of the way; you will never ever be able to control her. Marriages too have been destroyed by watching these dramas.  Spouses expect to be treated the way they see it happening on TV, and if one fails they divorce because that is how it happens on TV these days.


One would say no one is forcing me to watch this; so are drugs, no one is forcing anyone to take them but people do the anyway and they are dying. Most of South African drama should be rated “R” with age restriction of 18; they are not fit to be watched by children of under the age of 18. To me TV drama writers/producers and drugs lords have one same purpose, to make money by killing the nation.