Twine Phiri Lashes Out At Clubs

Phiri said the clubs should source their own sponsorship rather than wait to be spoon fed.

The PSL chief said in other countries clubs had their own individual sponsors which made them self sufficient instead of waiting for the league’s sponsors to sustain their running costs.

He said already a number of clubs owed the league huge sums of money which they were failing to pay back yet they still wanted the league to look for more money for them.

Douglas Warriors and Lengthens have been temporarily suspended from playing in the northern region division one until they repay the PSL the $16 000 each they owe.

Phiri said sponsors were not interested to put money where there was commotion adding that the clubs should put their houses in order first if they were to attract individual sponsorship.

Phiri’s comments come in the wake of demands by the 16 teams that make up the PSL family that they want a share of part of the sponsorship that the league has sourced from Delta Beverages.

Although some of the clubs like Black Mambas, Hwange, and Platinum have individual sponsorship they too still want a chunk of what their management committee has managed to get for the 2011 soccer season.

The PSL has landed a two year sponsorship deal with Delta Beverages after having gone for two years without a financier following the withdrawal of the Commericial Bank of Zimbabwe at the beginning of the 2009 soccer season.