Two Jobs For Lloyd Mutasa

Mutasa is employed by the Zimbabwe Prisons Services as a prison officer, a position he took when he got employed as coach of Flame Lilly some years ago.

In fact, Mutasa has to get clearance from the ZPS whenever he wants to travel with De Mbare outside the country as happened on the Algerian journey.

Although the ZPS have not blocked his move to Dynamos or any other Premiership club, it is on condition that he first spends some time coaching the prisons’ lower division side before taking an outside assignment.

Although Flame Lilly are still to begin their campaign in the first division as they are still on off season break, sources have revealed that Mutasa has been busy preparing the team for the start of the season, which comes sometime this week.

Some of the Flame Lilly’s players said Mutasa has drafted his programme in a way that De Mbare are only in training when he is through with his duties at Flame Lilly.

Dynamos chairman Farai Munetsi confirmed Mutasa was also coaching Flame Lilly adding that it was an arrangement that all the parties involved came up with.

He said all the three parties were happy with the deal since there was no conflict of interest as Dynamos were in the Premiership while Flame Lilly were in the first division.

“They have put all the mechanisms in place as to what happens when their season begins. When that time comes, they will only have Mutasa in training not over the weekend as he will be busy with Dynamos,’ said  Munetsi.

So far, Munetsi said, the system has worked and nobody has complained. The PSL, however, could not be reached for comment.