‘Tyson’ Kasukuwere speaks out

…former Zanu PF political commissar says Zim being led by mafia

Upenyu Chaota 

The self-exiled former Zanu PF political commissar Savior ‘Tyson’ Kasukuwere has for the first time opened up to the media since the November 2017 military takeover when he, together with other Generation 40 (G40) faction members skipped the borders in fear of being killed or arrested by the new government.

In an exclusive telephone interview with TellZim News from his base outside the country, Kasukuwere opened up on what he thinks about the current government led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

He said Zimbabwe was in a mess and that corrective measures had to be taken for the country to prosper; adding that the mafia-style leadership being exhibited by Mnangagwa and his government should be put to an end.

“The country is being run by a mafia and it is in a mess. Corrective measures have to be taken to right a lot of wrongs.

“I will not speak about my future plans yet because one has to be strategic. You will hear of my plans when the time comes and I promise you that we will make Zimbabwe a pride for everyone,” said Kasukuwere.

Kasukuwere’s plans have shaken Zanu PF to the core as many within the ruling party are said to still bear allegiance to the former national political commissar who, during his term, managed to solidify his control of the ruling party’s lower structures.

The launch of the TysonWabantu Movement in Bulawayo may be the first signs of the coming of Kasukuwere.

In November of 2017, the politics of the country and Zanu PF were re-written after the military effected a coup which marked the end of former president Robert Mugabe’s 37 years of a ‘brutal’ and ‘disastrous’ reign.

The same military take over brought to an end one of the worst factional fights in Zanu PF with the Mnangagwa-aligned faction, Team Lacoste, prevailing over the Generation 40 faction aligned to former First Lady Grace Mugabe.

The G40 faction was in a habit of louding its dominance, oblivious to the military power behind Team Lacoste.

Lacoste waited for the opportune time to strike and they did so swiftly and with precision leaving G40 confused as to what had hit them.

All perceived members of the G40 faction were hunted down with some going into exile.

Mnangagwa promised a new dispensation where the Mugabe play book would be thrown out of the window and many people believed him only to be disappointed later on.

A few months later, Mnangagwa went back on his word and the man who claimed to be as soft as wool proved to be as tough as nails, giving credit to those who nicknamed him Crocodile.

The situation in the country has gone from bad to worse leaving many wondering why they participated in the military-led march to oust Mugabe.

It was not long before many Zimbabweans became disillusioned and wished they could go back to the Mugabe era where they claim life was better than under the ‘new dispensation’.

Life has become difficult for the majority of Zimbabwe with prices of basic goods rising unabated and salaries getting eroded by inflation. Mnangagwa has kept his hands on the trigger to scare off any threat to his power in the face of pressing economic matters.

It is too late now for Zimbabweans to raise their voices against the Mnangagwa-led administration because he has proven to be more brutal and lethal against dissenting voices.

Desperate citizens are increasingly turning to religion where some unscrupulous men of cloth rob them of their hard-earned resources in the promise of a better life that never comes

People have tried to vote Zanu PF out of power but that strategy has failed since independence prompting many to come to terms with the reality that Zanu PF has mastered the techniques of staying in power.

Many people believed in the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC but it has proven to be ineffective to confront Zanu PF in an election or the streets.

It has become apparently clear that Zimbabwe now needs a saviour beyond Mnangagwa and Chamisa.

Since rumours of the vanquished G40 faction regrouping to challenge Zanu PF in 2023 elections have begun spilling from across the Limpopo, many Zimbabweans have found themselves divided on whether the former local government minister and former Zanu PF national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere, who is exiled in South Africa, could be equated to the biblical Joshua who will take the people to the promised land.

Kasukuwere is being touted as new leader of yet-to-be unveiled party made up largely of former G40 functionaries to challenge President Mnangagwa in 2023.

The composed ‘Tyson’, as Kasukuwere is nicknamed, has however managed to keep his cards close to his chest leaving many guessing his next moves.

What has become clear is that Kasukuwere is bitter with Zanu PF and now that all the criminal charges levelled against him have been dropped, he can now come back into the country and be the saviour everyone so desperately needs,as him real name suggests.

The Zanu PF national political commissar Victor Matemadanda once told a Masvingo provincial inter-district meeting that those wavering members whose allegiance is in question would be kicked out of the party.

Matemadanda made the threats after it was reported that G40 had a secret meeting in Masvingo in which they laid the foundation for the coming of Kasukuwere.

“We want people who are true to the party. Those who are wavering must go where they think they belong. Make no mistake, Zanu PF did not take this country to let it go like that.

“This country was left without a President when Mugabe resigned and President Mnangagwa was out of the country then. No one dared to sit of the throne, not even Kasukuwere. So what does he think has changed now? We all waited for President Mnangagwa to come back,” said Matemadanda then.

However, some sources who reportedly harbour loyalty for Kasukuwere told TellZim News that Zanu PF was trying to isolate Kasukuwere by luring all people around him.

It is said that Zanu PF has compromised all people who could make any Kasukuwere-led party a formidable force by giving them lucrative deals.

The sources say the formation of The Zimbabwe People’s Party (ZPP) which is led by another former G40 functionary and former cabinet minister Walter Mzembi, is testimony of the Zanu PF hand hard at work.

“The plan is to isolate Kasukuwere and take away all the people around him. Zanu PF is trying to reach out to all the G40 elements and offer them deals so that they do not join Kasukuwere.

“Do you really think Mzembi can be President? Mzembi personally knows that he is far from being a leader of anyone but his party was only created to create diversion. Kasukuwere is an idea whose time has come,” said one source.

Political analyst Alexander Rusero said Kasukuwere will never be the saviour of Zimbabwe due to the historical baggage he carries.

“Kasukuwere is definitely not the saviour. For the umpteenth time, the balance of power in Zimbabwe shall be confined to binary politics of MDC and Zanu PF.

“The burden Kasukuwere carries is to be labelled a former Zanu PF who cannot do anything new, a Zanu PF project and diversionary gimmick ahead of 2023 and or a political spent-force whose movement will die a natural death,” said Rusero.


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