UCT's PhD Growth To Boost Africa's Academic Research Base

Cape Town, June 12, 2014- A total of 110 PhD students will graduate from the University of Cape Town this week – an increase of almost 50% compared to a total of 75 in June 2013. The university will award 1,508 degrees to students across various faculties at its graduation ceremonies this week. In June 2013 the total was 1,374 and in June 2012 it stood at 1,340. 

UCT’s four graduation ceremonies are currently taking place here Thursday and Friday.

Gerda Kruger, the Executive Director: Communication and Marketing Department of UCT, said: “The growth of our postgraduate programme is an important part of UCT’s strategic vision and contributes to the development of South Africa and the continent. We are increasingly competitive in the global knowledge economy and strive to develop the academic leaders of tomorrow. As an Afropolitan university we are also contributing to the global pool of knowledge, with research that is based on the issues faced in Africa and other developing regions.”

Kruger congratulated all graduates on their perseverance in the pursuit of knowledge and their commitment to research that addresses societal challenges. “Through their research – conducted in Africa, for the benefit of Africa and the world – our graduates help to raise the continent’s stature as a research destination,” she said.