Under Resourced Shurugwi Clinic Exposing Expectant Mothers To Maternal Deaths

By Sydney Gokomere

Shurugwi, August 24, 2016 – EXPECTANT mothers who access health care at Banga Clinic in Ward 5 in Shurugwi district face the challenge of a maternity waiting shelter putting them at high risk of maternal deaths, a villager health worker has said.

According to latest statistics from the ministry of health, 12 women die of pregnancy-related illnesses every day in Zimbabwe.

The millennium development goal number four calls for the reduction of under-five mortality by two-thirds between 1990 and 2015.

Margaret Maunganidze, a villager health worker in the village said Banga clinic had no mother’s shelter resulting in some pregnant women giving birth at home.

“It’s a great challenge that we do not have a mother’s shelter at Banga clinic,” Maunganidze said.

“We have situations where pregnant women give birth at home as they wait until they are about to deliver to go to the nearest clinic.”

Banga clinic is the only health centre without a maternity waiting shelter out of 24 wards in Shurugwi district.

The clinic caters for about 2 000 people in its surrounding areas.

A representative of the Banga chieftainship, Alford Mfiri said Ward 5 received $25,000 under the Shurugwi-Tongogara share ownership scheme adding that money would be used in the construction of a mother’s waiting shelter at Banga clinic.

“The 24 Wards in Shurugwi district received $25,000 each under the share ownership scheme and it is our intention to construct a mother’s waiting shelter at Banga clinic using part of that money,” Mfiri said.


The government has recently come out strong on revamping the concept of maternity waiting homes which over the years have not been adequately supported.