Unhappy Zimbabwe Wants Kyokushinkai Karate World Cup

Zimbabwe Kyokushinkai president Steven Charandura said following what happened in Khazakstan, they had come up with a decision to bid the hosting of the World Karate Kyokushinakai Cup. If this happens it will be the first time the cup comes to Africa.

The karate body is feeling that Muripo was robbed of victory at the just ended World Cup in Khazakstan where the hosting nation’s Ruslan was declared the winner. Muripo also believes he was shortchanged.

‘Perhaps in that way, we might have fair officiating. What happened in Khazakstan was clear daylight robbery. Maybe if we host the competition, the judges will be fair to us,’ said Charandura.

The Zimbabwean bid has the support of Harare businessman Manson Mnaba who says he is willing to bankroll the country’s dream of hosting the best kyokushinkai karatekas from all over the world. Mnaba sponsored the Zimbabwean team to travel to Astana for the global karate showpiece.

Zimbabwe sent a team of four karatekas to Astana with Muripo who lost in the final being the highest placed. George Mutambo lost in the quarter finals while Lovemore Nyamutswa and Malvery Muyambo were eliminated in the initial stages.

Charandura said they had started drafting their bidding document which they believed will get the nod of the international controlling body which will decide the next hosting nation. He said the fact that Africa had never hosted the cup will work to their advantage.

Thirty-two nations were at the World Cup in Astana where Muripo was bidding to defend the world title he won against all odds at the 2009 World Cup in Osaka, Japan.